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Reading aloud


These workshops and one to one sessions cover all the elements of speaking and reading in public. My approach is holistic, building inner strength in order to stand up to any challenge. Increase the range of your voice and silence your fear of the monotone, take control of the speed at which you speak, and experience the pleasure of being truly heard.

These sessions are ideal for people who suffer from nerves, writers embarking on a publicity tour or giving a one-off reading, and those of you required to give presentations at work. Or perhaps you simply want to build confidence in how you interact with new people, and talk as the real you.

If you wish to book me for a workshop, prices range between £200 – £300, depending on numbers. One-to-one sessions begin at £70. For testimonials please see the comments on my ‘Tips for reading aloud‘ page.

Learn to rise above anxiety and find your true voice.

For further details or to book a session, please email:

It’s a writer’s life, don’t we know it!


How to ‘live’ as a writer, navigating a path from that first inkling of an idea all the way to a final draft, without having a nervous breakdown in between!

Develop a writing practice that steers away from chastisement, find a voice that works for you, learn to stay calm in creative droughts and allow your work the time it needs to ferment.

This three hour workshop is ideal for writers who are struggling to write without judgement, or those of you, finding it hard to make time to write at all. As John Gardner said: what the beginning writer needs, discouraging as it may be to hear, is not a set of rules but mastery – among other things, mastery of the art of breaking so-called rules.

Learn to cultivate feeling, intuition and taste and discover an uninhibited way of writing. This is a useful post for those of you keen to further understand my own writing philosophy.

Sunday 26th October, Salisbury

The workshop runs from 10am to 1.30pm and includes a half hour break with refreshments.

Cost: £40

For further details or to book your spot, please email:

No more ‘should’ – a 5 night writing retreat 


Take the opportunity to recharge your creative spirit in the beautiful Woodford Valley. I shall be teaming up with the wonderful Anita Lewis to provide a series of writing and yoga workshops, aimed at mining creativity. Learn to open up ideas and insights, which at first seem fragile. Experience the art of investigation and restoration through movement. But most importantly rediscover enjoyment, laughter. Food will be fresh and vibrant, intended to nourish as well as put a smile on your face: life is about abundance!

Yoga sessions will run each morning, with writing workshops after lunch. There will be plenty of time to enjoy the grounds – relax by the pool, read in the summer house, or snooze on one of the many comfortable sofas.

This workshop is perfect for those needing to get away, re-charge and find space. Find the energy to finish that novel, or the inspiration to start a home yoga practice. But most important discover a way to deepen and enrich your creative path without self-criticism and severity. Learn to create space and write freely.

Monday, July 15th – Saturday, July 20th

Prices: £450 for camping, £550/580 for a shared twin, £700 for a private, ensuite double, or £580 for a shared, ensuite double.

Guests are encouraged to arrive Monday afternoon for the peace and space to consider their intentions for the week. Workshops run from Tuesday to Friday. Saturday is a transition day, and will include a late breakfast and lunch and plenty of peace to consolidate the retreats discoveries.

Specific diets can be catered for, though we cannot guarantee a nut-free environment

For further details or to book your spot, please email:

Sorry, but remind me why I’m supposed to be following my breath


Practical advice and exercises for people, wishing to explore within themselves – for creative and emotional benefit – or simply live in a less anxious way.

Experience the breath as something that can be relied upon and enjoyed. Discover how to know the parts of you, which often sneak under the radar. Stay in touch, choose contentment, and experience greater productivity – with a smile!

This three hour workshop is ideal for people who feel challenged by life’s ups and downs, or find it difficult to stay motivated or make decisions. Tap into your intuition without strain, and learn how to truly be kind yourself so that relaxation can come without effort. We all need space in our lives and minds as my experiences have taught me.

Saturday 25th October, Salisbury

The workshop runs from 9.30am 1pm and includes a half hour break with refreshments.

Cost: £40

For further details or to book your spot, please email:

9 Responses to Workshops

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  6. Rina Singh says:

    Great workshop on 30 June – really helpful in the process of getting over the ‘inner judge’.
    Will try to incorporate it for my looming deadline, otherwise for sure as I continue writing…

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  8. jacquelyn shreeves-lee says:

    Hi, I’m one of the fortunate writers to have a story published in the MR10 and would like to come along to the voice coaching session. Please can you contact me with the date, time and venue of the workshop session you’ve offered. Many thanks, Jacquelyn.

    • Hi Jacquelyn, thanks for your message. I am actually working with Sue at the moment to arrange a couple of sessions at Birkbeck. Hopefully she has been in touch about those and you can make one of the dates.

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